About Tara Winter


Tara Winter, the founder of Fashion Full Circle, started the store a decade ago. What began as a hobby during her time as a stylist, where she enjoyed buying and selling items on eBay, soon transformed into something more. Her friends, impressed by her skills, began approaching her to sell their clothing. As demand grew, Tara swiftly converted a room in her house into a storage space for the clothing she received and resold.


Until a year ago, she had been working from her house, and decided to take her business to the next level and opened her first store front. It was a significant milestone for Fashion Full Circle and a testament to Tara's dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Now, customers can visit the physical location, browse through the curated collection, and experience the brand in person. The transition from a home-based operation to a brick-and-mortar establishment marked an exciting chapter in Tara's journey as an entrepreneur.


After years of being in the pre-loved business, Tara has developed an increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. Through her experience, she witnessed the impact of consumer choices on the environment and realized the need for change. Determined to make a difference, Tara incorporated sustainable practices into her business model. She focused on promoting the concept of circular fashion, encouraging customers to embrace pre-loved clothing and reduce waste. Tara's dedication to sustainability has not only influenced her business but has also sparked conversations and raised awareness among her customers and the wider community.